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The Complete Muscle Pass by David Kong - DVD

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David knows the Muscle Pass inside and out, and on this DVD he reveals all of the vital tips and techniques you need to truly master the move.

Learn nineteen powerful effects with the Muscle Pass, from simple visual productions to carefully-crafted routines. Absolutely nothing on this DVD requires gimmicks of any kind - just coins and your hands.

Bonus: John Cornelius himself teaches the Muscle Pass and three of his most famous effects.

Included are real-world performances in four countries and across the US.


Intro: Introduction to the Muscle Pass, what it was designed for, and how and when to use it.

History: David discusses the Muscle Pass' hazy history. The Muscle Pass floated around for years as a quaint but unpractical move before its reinvention by John Cornelius.

Learn The Move: David demonstrates then teaches, step-by-step, the correct Muscle Pass position, how to learn the move, how to practice and pace yourself, how not to practice, which coins to use and why to use them, how to adjust your Muscle Pass for different effects, and how to Muscle Pass naturally without contorting your hand and giving the move away.

The Coin That Falls Up: The invention of John Cornelius that first made the Muscle Pass famous, rarely correctly performed. David teaches all the nuances that make the Coin That Falls Up a beautiful illusion instead of a throwaway trick.

Productions with the Muscle Pass: Five killer productions. Learn how the Muscle Pass can be used to create powerful effects that no other technique can rival.

Topits and the Muscle Pass: The ultimate ditching device for when the heat is on.

Sleeving with the Muscle Pass: Learn some of the cleanest vanishes with the Muscle Pass and how to keep your movements smooth and simple.

Dual Muscle Passes: New techniques allow you to Muscle Pass from both hands at once, creating impossible new Copper/Silver routines and gimmick switches.

Behind The Back: With one simple movement, switch any two coins invisibly. Learn how to disguise your sleights with little casual movements that add to your performing style.

French Drop Routine: One of the simplest routines with Muscle Pass, but extremely hard-hitting. Use this one to hone your skills and gain credibility with your audience.

Sky Routine: Add a new phase to a classic effect that doubles its impact.

Hand Penetration: Visibly push a coin right through your hand, with no cover.

Stenberg Penetration: The most powerful effect with the Muscle Pass. When correctly performed, this effect takes coin magic to a new level - your spectator can see and feel a coin pass right through his hand. Created by Patrick Stenberg, who has graciously given permission for its inclusion on this DVD.

Portal Routine: Transform an imaginary coin into solid reality, then pull it back again. Do it in your hands, in a spectator's hands, right in front of his eyes.

Quads - Extremely Difficult: That's right, quads. Simultaneously Muscle Pass two coins from each hand in a four-coin transposition, all invisibly. The ultimate un-gimmicked Copper/Silver routine.

John Cornelius on The Muscle Pass: Two-time FISM winner, inventor of all of the Muscle Pass' most famous effects, teaches the move, gives his tips, and teaches three tricks with the Muscle Pass.

Final Recap: A last recap of the entire DVD with some parting thoughts and routining tips and ideas.

"David Kong is a master of the Muscle Pass. This is the best, most complete, and only authorized DVD teaching my "Coin that Falls Up" and "Coin Through Window" since my tutorial on Micheal Ammar's Classic Renditions video. Beware the imitators............ get the real thing!" - John Cornelius

Running Time Approximately 69min

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