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The Selec-trick Deck by Danny Rudnick - A trick with the electric deck! DVD

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Manufacturer: . Magic Inc
"...An instant classic... funny, visual, and oh-so-easy-to-do."
-Danny Orleans, Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine

Now with a DVD of Mr. Danny himself guiding you through the magical doors this classic opens for you!

The electric deck has been around for a long time. The cards are all attached to each other so that you can pretend to have great skill in manipulation. Up to now though, there were no tricks to be done with it. Enter Danny Rudnick...

In Selec-trick Deck an audience member is lead through all of the classic gags with an electric deck. Eventually, the magician has the spectator select a card, and suddenly it becomes the only card in the electric deck that is reversed, shown face-down on the face-up spread.

You will be able to do all of the standard bits of business, PLUS  a great new trick to boot!

Selec-trick Deck - exclusively at Magic Inc.

What Top Pros have to say about the Selec-Trick Deck:

"In a recent trip to Chicago I witnessed a performance of Danny Rudnick's Selec-Trick Deck.  It really has everything; great finish, commercial appeal, practical workings and instant reset.  A great addition to any walk-around performer's repertoire."
- Bill Abbott (Magic Creator and Performer)

"Danny has taken a gag that magicians have overused and turned it into a hip miracle. Great job!"
- Eric Jones (Creator of "Audio" and "Mirage et Trois")

"Funny, visual, and oh-so-easy-to-do. ... an instant classic."
- Danny Orleans (as reviewed in the July 2010 issue of Genii Magazine)

"The Electric Deck is traditionally used as a quick comedy bit, but now it's been turned it into a trick - and a very good one."
-David Regal (Creator, Performer, and Reviewer of Magic)

"The Selec-Trick Deck by Danny Rudnick is beautiful, inventive, practical magic. He’s taken an old gag and transformed it into a small miracle."
- Walt Anthony (Author of Tales Of Enchantment: The Art of Magic)

"I've always loved the electric deck, but this is 10 times cooler.  Danny's clever effect makes me want to carry it with me everywhere I go. It's great visual magic that can be performed close-up or standup and resets instantly...what more could you ask for?"
- Nathan Kranzo (A full time entertainer who has acquired a reputation for creating unique and original magic.)

If you like Danny's work, don't forget to check out his v-log:
Have You Ever Heard Of...?
He digs through the Magic Inc library to find hidden gems, clever routines, and blasts from the past, and performs them for you!

Also known as: Selectrick Deck, Selectric, Selec Trick Deck, Sele-Trick Deck, Finally! A Trick with the Electric Deck


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Product Reviews

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Robert Radway (Chicago, IL) 3/19/2010 11:47 PM
The people at Magic Inc have come up with a great trick to do with a clasic, and mostly unused prop, the electric deck. The effect is direct and practical(it still allows all of the standard gags with the electric deck). Over all this effect is a great must get!
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