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Koch Sticks (Chinese Sticks) by Bob Koch - Trick

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Manufacturer: Koch Magic
Attention has been paid to every aspect of the designing and crafting of these sticks. As a piece of fine art, each set is numbered and registered. Clearly, these are part of a very small production, and Magic Inc. is happy to be the very first retail store to stock them. We normally have at least one set in stock - so if you would like to have a look at them, please feel free to stop by the shop to experience what all the buzz is about.

There have been many Chinese Sticks over the years, but none like Koch Sticks. These sticks were designed from the ground up by Bob Koch, the creator of the Telekinetic Timber, Poker Hand Change, Chess Piece Divination and other effects.
This precision, high quality set of Chinese Sticks includes three sticks, two sets of interchangeable tassels, extra cord and extra drilled screws, all in a custom made, fitted hardwood carrying case

Koch Sticks are hand-crafted from a single piece of Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), a wood that is 180% harder than oak. It is notoriously hard to work with, but the beauty of this wood makes it worth the trouble. There’s no veneer and the ends are true end grain.  All edges are rounded to make the sticks comfortable in your hands. The mechanism is machined brass and PTFE.

These beautiful sticks are 11” long and ⅞” square. They have a drilled out screw in the end so they can be threaded for the Roy Benson routine. You get three sticks in your set. Two sticks will have matching tassels, the third one has a different color. Part of the beauty of this set is that these are made so that you can readily change the tassels if you need to. As a matter of fact, they come with 2 separate sets: one made of puffy yarn, eant for high visibility, and the second set of tassels is of a more elegant material (think graduation tassel) - meant for close-up shows.

Read all the way through, after the pictures, for a super kicker punch! Koch's clever addition to the Benson ploy!

The finest Chinese Sticks you will ever own!

Easily exchangeable tassels.

Brass theaded inserts, and "bored through" screw sets.

The standard Benson Routine uses a short string connecting the tacks of the sticks. With the Koch sticks, you can add the kicker of being able to separate the sticks, and have the string on the back stretch as the tassel on the front shortens. When you cut the long string on the back, the tassel on the front will drop!

You read that correctly, it does not get pulled to stretch, it drops "on its own" the moment you cut the cord on the back. Brilliant!

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