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Grant's Brilliant Card Magic by U.F. Grant - Book

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Manufacturer Part No: B00053
Sometimes the old stuff is still the best! UF Grant invented much of the magic magicians use today.
This rare mansucript by Robert J. Smith contains over 50 Feats of Masterful Card Magic from U.F.Grant. For pure impact, novel ideas and clever methods, these can't be beat and none require any sleights!


2 Hindu Shuffle Card Force
2 Three Methods of Emulating the Pass
2 Three Simplified Card Forces
3 Cutting for High Card
4 Fake Second Deal
4 Fake Bottom Deal
4 Card Thru the Door: selection is found on the door
4 Face to Face: find three selections reversed in deck
5 The Seventh Card: telephone card divination
5 Cards in Pocket: Si Stebbins
5 The Big Think: magician picks out three cards thought of by three spectators
6 The Big Think Variation: variation
6 Dial the Devil: the devil phones the spectator and tells them the card
6 Torn Card Location: 12 cards torn and thrown into hat, magician picks out pieces of selection
7 Easy Card Stab: stabbing and a count to the selection
7 Card in Cloud of Smoke: spectator names card seen in a cloud of smoke
7 Envelope Prediction: card prediction
8 Double Deck Mystery: double stacks
8 Double Face Card Frame: card appears in blank picture frame
8 Three Way Card Stab: two selections found by a stab, and a third from the pocket
9 The Big Card Paddle: paddle catches the selection
9 Card Stab in Cigar Box: cards are mixed in a cigar box, and in three stabs three selections are found
9 The Triple Decker: three selections found in three decks
9 Here's An Idea: for a card stab revelation
10 Grant's Four Ace Trick: Aces all in one row
10 Grant's U-Do-It Ace Trick: follow up for above
10 Dramatic Card Wheel Stab: magician stabs covered wheel to find selections
11 Magicians Miracle: clever location by process of elimination
11 Bushel Basket Card Trick: card divination with an assistant
12 Grants 30 Card Trick: 3 selections pass from one packet of 15 to another
12 Card Peek Location: short card location
13 Count Down Location: selection rises to top
13 Weight Test: magician cuts to same number of cards selected by spectator
13 Ink to Water & Card: Ink changes to water and selection is in the glass
13 A Black Card: gag
14 Is This Your Card: sucker trick with the 5 of Diamonds
14 Grants Two Card Monte: with a gimmicked card
14 The Zombie Card: selection is caught from a dropped deck
14 Color Change Deck: all cards change backs except for selection
15 Practical Poker Deal: idea for a follow up to a Four Ace trick
15 U-Find-It Card Trick: spectator finds selection as all others are blank!
15 Your Card is Red Back: as above, but only red card in blue deck
15 Stand-Up: Magician finds cards selected by three spectators, with a comedy ending
16 Card in Plastic Plates: selection found between sealed plates
16 A Neat Card Rise: using a special glass

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