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Balloon Busking

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Manufacturer: . Magic Inc
Manufacturer Part No: M00306
This book covers all of the topics on how to "busk" with balloon animals. "Busking" is a time honored tradition of performing at fairs, festivals and on the street for tips. This book does not show you how to make balloon animals - there are other books available from Magic, Inc. that will teach you that. While the book covers "busking" with balloon animals, the ideas for "busking" can apply to any "busking".

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Time-tested tips for starting a balloon business ANYWHERE
Josh Byer (Irvine, CA) 9/23/2016 12:48 AM
I was a magic student of Bob Brown's in the back theater at Macic Inc. in the mid-90's. Using the system in this book, you will learn to draw a crowd, make people laugh, and gather a tip. Bob's system is time-tested and if you follow the steps in this book, you will have a nice balloon business which can then help you book magic shows and birthday party work. Twenty years later, this little gem of a book still covers the basic fundamentals to build your balloon business on any street, in any park, with any crowd. I highly recommend this book to anyone in their first year or two of making balloons. It is NOT how to make figures, or how to be funny. There are other great books with suggested jokes. THIS book will tell you where to go, where to stand, what to do, and WHY if you want to entertain with balloons. A little about Bob: Bob Brown used to give magic lessons and had a long career in show biz across the Midwest, performing at festivals and fairs. He was one of the most talented professional magicians I ever met and I was proud to have met him and Jay. One of Bob's best kept secrets was this--- his business card never said "balloon twister" or "magician" or "fortune teller". Bob became whatever his client was looking for him to become when he called. His card simply read "Bob Brown" followed by his phone number. Well, it must have worked because Bob was booked for parties just about every weekend. Most week nights at Schulian's too! And when someone would call Bob to hire a balloon twister, a magician, and a fortune teller act for the county fair... Bob would say yes. And at the event... Bob was the balloon twister, then he was the magician, and then later that night ( after he made a few balloons for the children off to the side of the main stage), he would set up shop as a palm reader/tarot cards and entertain the adults. All the while collecting a few for each of the three acts! You will learn something new from this book, and can start today!
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