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Sal Piacente's Expert Card Magic - 2 DVD Set

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Expert Card Magic

Your Price: $69.95
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Manufacturer: Magic Makers
Manufacturer Part No: 118
This 2 DVD set goes in-depth, sharing 13 of the most top-level card effects ever performed; effects that have earned Sal the highest respect in the inner circles of expert card magic.

On Volume One You'll Learn:
  • Sal's Memory Opener - Sal memorizes the deck of cards instantly, even as a spectator repeatedly shuffles the deck.
  • The Marlo Opener - A spectator cuts the deck, Sal then correctly estimates the exact number of cards cut, then he proceeds to deal himself a perfect hand.
  • Sal's Ace Cutting Routine - The most incredible Ace cutting routine you will ever see! The deck is shuffled, then Sal "dead cuts" directly to each of the four Aces.
  • Sal's Ace Cutting Routine II - When the deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled, Sal then proceeds to cut straight to the Aces, this time without even looking...
  • The Vernon Poker Deal Revisited - Sal's version of a classic routine in which a spectator will assist by drawing the winning card for Sal's incredible poker hand...
On Volume Two You'll Learn:
  • The McDougal Stack Outdone - A very powerful routine where Sal will stack the four Aces into the deck and then deal himself the Aces.
  • Paint Poker - Using only the 20 high cards, the deck is shuffled and cut. Sal then is able to deal himself the winning hand.
  • Rollover Aces - Sal cuts to the four Aces, then for a kicker ending he produces all four Royal Flushes!
  • Stop !! - A card is selected, then shuffled into the deck. Sal deals the cards until "stop" is called to review the chosen card.
  • The Riffle Stack - Sal demonstrates how a professional gambler can set up the deck of cards with the use of a riffle shuffle.
  • The Faro Stack - The four Aces are shown, then Faro shuffled into the deck. Sal deals himself the Aces with a special ending!
  • 4,5,6-Packet Trick - Sal's show stopping routine where he finds a spectator's chosen card that he or she has just merely thought of... VERY IMPRESSIVE!

"I think that both Ace cutting effects are alone worth the price of admission. I must admit one of the principles in the Ace cutting routine I was not aware of and think that it is really a great secret. I also loved the way that Sal performs. I am just glad that I did not run into him at a bar. I know that he would have conned me. He is extremely convincing and cunning. I feel that this is a must see for all serious card guys." -- David Solomon

"You're not ready for these DVDs. Yes, that's a challenge. Prove me wrong and you'll discover some of the most powerful card magic in the world. Highly recommended for serious card workers." -- Jonathan Evans, Penguin Magic

"The first routine in the first DVD (Sal's Memory Opener) is worth ten times the price of the DVDs. Not for beginners." -- Jay Noblezada, Penguin Magic

"'ll learn some very good tricks that should have remained secret." -- Michael Close

"I'm a worker and I've been doing this for years, and this is one of the best videos i've ever seen. My audiences look at me like I'm some kind of god when I do this stuff." -- Paul Lelekis

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